About eJudicate

About eJudicate and your Access to Justice

eJudicate was formed in Los Angeles, California in 2015 to address the lack of access to justice for smaller — but still important—claims that are ignored, delayed, dismissed or too costly to administer in the current public judicial system. As court budgets are slashed, many legitimate claims are being "priced-out" of the court system with excessive legal fees, costs and delays. Sadly, it no longer makes economic sense to file certain claims with the public courts — despite your rights. The time and cost of filing a lawsuit in a court of law should not stop you from exercising these rights — especially if an injustice is at issue.

Unfortunately, few cost-effective alternatives exist. Other available avenues such as mediation or arbitration can also cost many tens of thousands of dollars of arbitration/mediation fees and legal fees. This does not include the cost of your time and other related expenses.

eJudicate has envisioned a new system using existing technology to simplify and de-mystify the complex court system bringing back access to justice for all types of claims.

eJudicate strives to return access to justice to all people and businesses — not to just those few that can afford it. eJudicate streamlines the lawsuit process, providing convenient digital access and predictable costs while remaining legally compliant — all from the convenience of your own computer or handheld device.

After years of development, surveys, research, testing and real world experience by legal and technical experts — their knowledge was brought together to create a new system to improve your access to justice. The result is eJudicate, an on-line dispute resolution system designed to keep costs down, simplify the presentation of evidence, and provide predictability of resolution and timing.

eJudicate is for everyone. Whether you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a homeowner, a landlord, a tenant, or even a large business that wants to save time and money, eJudicate is simple to use, provides cost predictability and guarantees a final determination within six months.

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