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Moving Across State
Don't Risk
Heavy Fines

Before You Get Moving, You’ll Need an Arbitration Program


If you move household goods across state lines, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association requires you by law to have an arbitration program in place.


Without one, the Department of Transportation can slap your company with a serious fine.


But you can cover all your bases and meet DOT license requirements with Ejudicate.

Move With

Meet Your License Requirements


With Ejudicate, you get a free arbitration clause which you can insert into any household goods movers contract that complies with the requirements of the Department of Transportation’s law 49 CFR 375.211


Our arbitration program ensures your moving company meets the DOT’s classification and requirements for a Household Movers Permit (HTR) so you remove the risk of heavy fines for non-compliance.

Customer Trust

An Arbitration Program Protects both You and Your Clients


There is nothing more valuable in the moving industry than trust, and with an arbitration program in place, you can give your clients the confidence of knowing their move is protected.

Get Back on the Road
Faster with Ejudicate

We’ve streamlined arbitration by moving the entire process online


Using the right arbitration platform can save you time and money. With Ejudicate’s 100% online service, you can upload your claim and supporting evidence from the comfort of your truck, saving you time, money and a whole lot of hassle.