Frequently Asked Questions


Plaintiff: The party making the Claim.

Defendant: The party against whom the Claim is made.

Claim: The Plaintiff’s legal and factual allegation against the Defendant.

E-Judge: The party deciding who prevails (wins) in the dispute.

Discovery: The process in which the parties request information from each other.

Award: Written determination by the Judge as to who prevails (wins) the dispute.

Jurisdiction: The authority granted to the court to hear a case.

Counter Claim: An additional Claim by the defendant against the plaintiff.

I am interested in being on your panel of E-Judges.2020-11-04T14:54:48-08:00

Excellent! We are constantly looking to expand our network of arbitrators and E-Judges. Please get in touch with us here.

Are the Judges paid for their work?2020-11-12T00:04:29-08:00

Yes, they are paid a flat fee. 

What is Ejudicate?2020-11-02T17:51:03-08:00

Ejudicate is an online dispute resolution platform designed to quickly and cost-effectively arbitrate disputes. It is designed to allow the parties to present their Claims, defenses, arguments, and evidence through its online portal and have a professional arbitrator decide the dispute between the parties.