Frequently Asked Questions


Plaintiff: The party making the Claim.

Defendant: The party against whom the Claim is made.

Claim: The Plaintiff’s legal and factual allegation against the Defendant.

E-Judge: The party deciding who prevails (wins) in the dispute.

Discovery: The process in which the parties request information from each other.

Award: Written determination by the Judge as to who prevails (wins) the dispute.

Jurisdiction: The authority granted to the court to hear a case.

Counter Claim: An additional Claim by the defendant against the plaintiff.

What is Ejudicate?2020-11-02T17:51:03-08:00

Ejudicate is an online dispute resolution platform designed to quickly and cost-effectively arbitrate disputes. It is designed to allow the parties to present their Claims, defenses, arguments, and evidence through its online portal and have a professional arbitrator decide the dispute between the parties.

Are the Judges paid for their work?2020-11-12T00:04:29-08:00

Yes, they are paid a flat fee. 

Who are the judges, and how are they selected?2020-11-04T14:52:57-08:00

Our judges (E-Judges) are lawyers, professionals, or retired judges who have at least ten years of experience and that have no record of bar discipline. 

To ensure timeliness and efficiency, E-Judges are automatically selected for each case; litigants do not get to select them. Each E-Judge is selected by their jurisdiction and their areas of expertise or knowledge.  

Our E-Judges are evaluated internally on the quality and timeliness of their Awards as well as through feedback from participants on Ejudicate.

What Claim sizes are appropriate for Ejudicate’s dispute resolution platform?2020-11-04T14:51:01-08:00

When it pertains to a monetary dispute, Ejudicate is designed to handle Claims that are $500,000 or less. Ejudicate can also handle declaratory relief actions and other types of Claims that may or may not have a monetary component. 

If you are unsure if Ejudicate is the proper forum for your Claim or dispute, please contact us at [email protected].  

What is Ejudicate not a good fit for?2020-11-12T00:06:18-08:00

Ejudicate does not handle employment Claims, evictions, torts or personal injury, fraud or negligence.

Can I use the Ejudicate platform with or without an attorney?2020-11-02T18:16:45-08:00

Ejudicate is designed so that anyone can use the platform to resolve a qualified Claim.  However, it is always recommended that parties seek independent legal advice regarding any legal dispute or issue

How long does the Ejudicate process take?2020-11-12T00:03:32-08:00

Most of our participants get to an Award in an average of 45 days, start to finish, a fraction of the time it takes traditional courts, arbitration, or mediation to decide a case.

Is Ejudicate a law firm? A small claims court?2020-11-04T14:51:31-08:00

No, and it cannot provide legal advice. Ejudicate is a dispute resolution company that conducts its arbitrations exclusively on its patent-pending online platform.  Ejudicate prides itself on being impartial and neutral. Its impartiality is critical to resolving disputes fairly and expeditiously.

What is the difference between traditional arbitration and Ejudicate’s online dispute resolution platform?2020-11-12T00:05:34-08:00

Ejudicate is an arbitration platform that moves the arbitration process to an online forum. The online technology streamlines the arbitration process, reduces the cost, and shortens the time it takes to reach a decision. The final Award issued by Ejudicate is no different from a final Award issued by a traditional arbitration.

What are the benefits of using Ejudicate?2020-11-04T14:52:08-08:00

Our online arbitration platform is less costly than traditional arbitration or litigation and it is much faster. For a simple fixed fee, a party can resolve a dispute in a short time span (usually less than 4 months) and have the peace of mind and business predictability that comes with a resolution, predictable cost and closure of a lawsuit or dispute, regardless of the outcome.   

How does Ejudicate work?2020-11-04T14:55:12-08:00

A Plaintiff (the one creating the Claim) can sign up and immediately present their Claim and upload and submit all supporting evidence and written testimony. 

Ejudicate will notify the Defendant of the Plaintiff’s Claim and provide the Defendant with the opportunity to respond to the Claim and upload and submit their own evidence.  

Once the Plaintiff reviews the Defendant’s Response, they each get another round to respond (counter) if they so choose. Then the Claim is submitted to a preselected E-Judge who will then review the evidence, ask questions if necessary, and make a decision (render an Award).  

Are there live hearings?2020-11-04T14:55:32-08:00

Ejudicate is designed to be efficient and cost-effective.  As such, not all Claims warrant a live hearing or live testimony.  The E-Judge assigned to your Claim will decide whether a live hearing or live testimony is required to resolve your dispute or Claim.