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Why Ejudicate?

Claims can be resolved up to 80% faster with Ejudicate.
Claim Resolution Costs Are Typically 70% Less with Ejudicate.

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1. Integrate our arbitration clause into your factoring contracts

2. Issue agreements with your customers as usual

3. If or when a default occurs, Start a Claim on Ejudicate.com



Litigants asynchronously complete the dispute process, allowing for time and cost efficiencies.

No Court Trips

Our arbitration service is conducted exclusively online, resulting in no trips to court.


Claims are typically resolved within months, versus the years it might normally take in the overwhelmed courts.


Disputes cost 70% less than average, creating the means to process smaller claims that might otherwise be written-off.

Neutral & Unbiased

Independent and unbiased judges are assigned to claims based on jurisdiction and subject matter expertise.

Legally Binding

Bar recognized judges and lawyers adjudicate claims that are court-recognized as legally binding & enforceable.

How Ejudicate works?

Ejudicate is an online binding dispute resolution platform. It streamlines arbitration for monetary claims with an impartially issued final judgment that can be enforced, sold or otherwise monetized.

Impartial Judges

Insurance, Construction,
Civil Litigation

Jim Baklayan

Michelle Grimberg

Arbitrations & Mediations, Fraud, Real Estate Disputes

Michelle Grimberg

Real Estate, General Business, Employment Law

Benjamin Taylor

Be an Ejudicate Partner Now!

— Great, you've got your arbitration clause, but now what? —

Three important tips when updating your agreement with the Ejudicate arbitration clause: