Why eJudicate Works

eJudicate works because it's:

Legal: While it would be great to live in a utopian society, it's just not the reality. And unfortunately, instead of seeing less cases, our legal system has had an increase in cases. The brick and mortar courts just aren't equipped to handle the influx while also giving people swift access to justice.

Secure: You never have to worry about your personal information being shared with anyone outside of your  case.

Efficient: Time is money. With eJudicate you can save yourself the time (and hassle!) of a lengthy court case and multiple appearances. Saving yourself time means saving your money.

Fair: eJudicate was created to give everyone access to justice. While you may not get the verdict you want, our highly vetted Judge will deliver a fair verdict.

Easy: Maybe you don't have time to go to court. Maybe the thought of juggling court appearances and lawyer fees is overwhelming to you. eJudicate allows you the flexibility to complete your entire case online.

We know — legal stuff can be complicated; if you have questions — we're here for you. Just head over to our FAQs section or contact us.

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